Roasting experience Make your own original houjicha, the only one of its kind in the world.

Uji Kaoru is made from carefully selected Kyoto Karigane (stem tea). Most Hojicha on the market are dark roasted, but Uji Kahoru is lightly roasted, retaining some of the flavour of green tea. Why not make your own Hojicha from carefully selected ingredients? The roasted Hojicha can be given as a gift to a loved one, a reward for yourself, or enjoyed on the spot.

[with sweets] 45min. / ¥3,000


Matcha making and tasting with manners Experience

Our staff will prepare a sample of our popular Matcha 'Kimino Kotobuki' (made in Kyoto), which is popular in the famous Kyoto Ryotei (Japanese style restaurants). Please enjoy the tea for yourself, the more you stir Matcha, the more fragrant and tasty it will be.We will explain the amount of Matcha, the temperature and volume of hot water, and the temperature of tea bowl. Enjoy it to your own taste.

[with sweets] 20min. / ¥2,000


Gyokuro or Sencha or Houjicha Brewing and tasting Experience

It tastes so different!
This is a comment from one of our guests. We will explain the best way to brew Gyokuro, Sencha and Houjicha depending on the type of tea. Then brew and taste for yourself.

[with sweets] 20min. / ¥2,000

From 1 person〜 ※Reservation priority・Possible on the day


Open weekdays only.
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